What make Cross Keys the best pub in Swansea?

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This is the Cross Keys, the best pub in Swansea with its history dating back to 1300's, fresh food, new Christmas menu and more. Many have dubbed it the Best Pub in Swansea

For years, the best pub in Swansea has been seen as a focal destination for weekends, relaxed meals with family or friends, or events and holidays. Almost every area or street has a pub or two to serve its residents, and many of us are regulars at our local pub. The Cross Keys has been doing just that since the 1300’s. However, it takes a lot more than convenience to make a pub great.

1. Well-stocked bar

For every event, a pub’s bar must have a drink equivalent! Whether you want to de-stress from work with a brandy, have Friday night tequila shots, or just chill with a cocktail and friends, and even good-old beer… a well-stocked bar will have everything you want for every occasion.

2. Great food for every taste

A wide range of food choices makes customers happy! Aside from well-stocked liquor shelves, a great pub must also provide gastronomic delights for every tastebud. There are as many types of eaters as there are types of food, and a pub menu should be able to accommodate all. This need to be considered to become the best pub in Swansea.

3. The right ambiance

Nothing makes a complete experience quite like the perfect ambiance. Lighting, furniture, and staff demeanor creates the total feel of a place. These factors will blend together to create an atmosphere that you’d want to be in and come back to every time!


Guess what? Cross Keys Swansea happens to be all of the above! So if you’re looking for the best pub in Swansea… you’ve just hit jackpot in Cross Keys! You’ll find the best drinks, delicious food, and a friendly atmosphere you’ll feel right at home in.

Cross Keys is also an integral part of Swansea’s history, it’s site dating back to the 1300’s. Our meat is locally sourced and seasonal, so you can rest assured that you get the freshest and most delicious food!

There’s a reason why Cross Keys is dubbed as The Unrivalled Meeting Place… there’s no denying, Cross Keys is the best pub in Swansea.


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