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Swansea and The Cross Keys History

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The Cross Keys Swansea has become the best pub in Swansea and its history is a party of the city.

Swansea and The Cross Keys History Sitting on the only medieval site besides the Swansea Castle, Cross Keys is invariably tied with the history of the Swansea area. Centuries after the foundation of medieval Swansea, the memory of days gone by still thrives in what is now Cross Keys. St. David’s Hospice was the former…

The Unrivalled Meeting Place

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The Unrivalled Meeting Place The Cross Keys Swansea If we were to make a check list of a perfect night out, it would probably consist of friends, food, and a whole lot of booze. Here at Cross Keys Swansea, we cross out all three. We weren’t dubbed The Unrivalled Meeting Place for no reason, after…

Have a Cross Keys Christmas

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Have a Cross Keys Christmas There’s a tell-tale chill in the air that signals the holiday season, and we can’t wait for Christmas to come around! The most wonderful time of the year is fast approaching with its twinkling lights and laughter. Despite recent events and whatever the year has brought on us, Christmas is…

Cross Keys Christmas Menu

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The Cross Keys Christmas Menu   THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR We’re already in the BER months, and we all know what that means – Christmas is near! There are less than a hundred days till Christmas and everyone is planning their holiday parties and events. To get rid of the Christmas events…

What make Cross Keys the best pub in Swansea?

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WHAT MAKES CROSS KEYS THE BEST PUB IN SWANSEA? For years, the best pub in Swansea has been seen as a focal destination for weekends, relaxed meals with family or friends, or events and holidays. Almost every area or street has a pub or two to serve its residents, and many of us are regulars at our…