The Story Of the famous Cross Keys

Protecting the heritage…

At the Cross Keys, we are mindful of everything we do to protect the heritage, tradition and reputation of such an historic venue that dates back to the 1300’s. We focus on providing a friendly service, while our food and drinks menu has been designed to offer an excellent range of choice, quality, and value for money.

The History Of The Cross Keys…

1332 – The foundation of St David’s Hospice was built around this time, by Bishop de Gower. The text of the foundation grant still survives.

1403 – Swansea was ravaged by supporters of Owain Glydwr. Which caused the re-roofing in the mid 15th century.

1544 – This is the probable date of the dissolution of St David’s Hospice under Statutes of Edward VI. The priests are believed to have brewed mead on the site to sell during those dark times. In 2004, during excavation work for the construction of the Ospreys extension, the remains were discovered of what was once a brew house.

1550 – Sir George Herbert purchased the extensive lands belonging to the Hospice, the Hospice buildings were left disused and neglected for 50 years or more. In the 17th century extensive remodeling of the buildings was carried out. There is a record of an Inn during the 17th century on the site now known as The Cross Keys.